Which theme park is the most terrifying at Halloween?

Image result for Which theme park is the most terrifying at Halloween?Which theme park is the most terrifying at Halloween?

Thrill-seekers beware! There’s a reason Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif.

Every night from now until Halloween, over 500 zombies and other ghoulish creatures will take over Six Flags Magic Mountain, and they have one mission: to frighten all who dare to enter the park after dark.

After hosting Fright Fest for 25 years, Six Flags Magic Mountain has mastered the art of the scare. In addition to rides and roller coasters, there are several scare zones and 13 mazes throughout the park. New this year is “Dead End,” a maze where the corridors are pitch black, and guests have only flickering flashlights to help find their way.

The “Damned ‘N Disguise” masquerade ball offers guests a frightful show, and Club 6-Feet Under is a scary but fun pop-up party where you can grab food and drinks. And because Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to DC Comics’ Justice League, the Suicide Squad will be making an appearance for their second year.

Whether you startle easily or are hard to scare, there will certainly be enough bumps in the night to make you jump!